3D Printing: An emerging innovation

Ever heard of 3D printing, no i am not referring to the typical 3D movies that people watch. Ever saw the science fiction movies or probably the pokeman cartoon show, where anything drawn on a paper comes to the object exactly eg dram a cycle on paper and by 3 D printing you get a cycle in the 3Dimensional planes.

Well coming to the question

What is 3D printing? A 3D printer is a device which can convert a blue print in to a physical object. Feed to it the design of a wrench and what it will give you is a physical working wrench.

A 3D printer actually builds a object by adding on layer by layer.And since they built it layer by layer the objects are movable also.

When linked with the on demand circuit printer the 3D printers can produce basic house hold electric items too.

Feed the design of a coffee mug and it can produce numerous identical mugs without any error.

Advantages being:

Instead of a person assembling the individual parts the printer itself gives the readily assembled object.

Now the question that comes up is , all this is exciting but can this really be useful but it would be the same question which popped up on the first personal computer made.

A look at this link would elucidate it further.


Probably now we can correlate it to What pranav mistry says about the sixth sense device, an amulgamation of these technologies would beget wonders.


A few thoughts to tickle and let us think some apart from our routine lives.


Sunil Vadlamani


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