Executive Education in India

Education the quintessential thing now a day’s….Not far away from the fact is India which is also leaving behind the old die-hard habits and is racing up to.

Literacy rate and the rate of employability would be very much impacting the GDP of a country among the various other factors contributing to it.

The myths about the formal complete full-time education to the highest level leads to the hiring of an individual now seem to be fading away. The growth among the industries is now forcing the corporate to reconsider the decisions of hiring fully trained students to the jobs or taking fairly educated students with a good trainability index and moulding them to their own requirements.

Also the continuous need for executives to get ready and going to occupy the various levels across the organizations also requires them to continuously re access themselves and keep abreast.

Some of the programmes by the various corporate to train and then induct fresh blood in to their systems are as below:

  • LEAD & LEAP by Aditya Birla Group(Link)
  • EPIC programme by PWC(Link)
  • Reliance Accelerated Leadership Programme(Link)

The list is only indicative and by no means exhaustive since every day we see more and more incumbents joining the list and making the choice either by setting up their own corporate universities or increasingly approaching the likes in the academic field to act as their knowledge partners which is also reflected across the trends of executive education in India.

Not to mention the various IT/ITES companies resorting to the increasingly demanding e-learning modules from various institutions which enables them to train their work force in-house only there by mitigating the various costs of travel/facilitator/other administrative arrangements and the loss in the employee work hours effecting productivity as well.

The higher education in India is still evolving and the need for the trained man power is dictating the same. The impact of the same is so humongous that the education institutes which in the past were just student churning machines now are forced to re assess at their own models and there by adapt to the changing scenario of executive education.

The growing complexities in the global business scenario also call for the executives tobe well adapted to the fast paced world where each of them are expected to evolve across levels.

The below model from Ram Charan’s book sums up the need for evolving in the global scenario playing across various levels.

Ram Charan's Leadership Pipeline

Ram Charan’s Leadership Pipeline

Though the book goes much in-depth where in the requisite competencies for  the layers are identified and their evolution across various levels. The book also addresses the need for the organizations to consider at keeping their leadership pipelines rejuvenated where in a changeover across levels does not actually affect the business.

A good example of this would be Apple where Steve Jobs groomed Tim Cook for almost 3 years and with Steve Jobs gone, Apple is still future ready with its next set of leaders in place.


Sunil Vadlamani


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