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“Sink or Swim” The Blue Ocean Strategy

To “Sink or Swim” is the options available to the present day industries, either they learn the means to swim across the oceans or they sink and perish. The changing trends continuously requires companies to come up with new innovations, well new strategies or new innovations need not be always fresh ideas. An ability to distance you and see from a distant view of the present scenario would uncover undiscovered virgin territories which emerge from the existing verticals and they are waiting to be tapped.

The present day market situations include companies

3 tier noncustomers

competing amongst themselves to get the largest share of the pie. Ever had been in to a board room where a new strategy presentation is being given, the entire energy revolves around creating strategies to out beat the competitor.

Well its good to compete but won’t it be better to be in a place even before the competition arrives, well you might be thinking I would be speaking on innovation or new technology development but believe me , shelling out dollars won’t get you the profits which you would get by searching your own blue ocean.

 A blue ocean strategy as it sounds is not a new management jargon but it is one of the most primitive existing strategies which we over our journey have started forgetting. While going through the web I came across interesting things by Kim & Mauborgne.

A market which has many players competing for the same piece of pie, such one is a “Red Ocean” which now has most of the businesses. A blue ocean is a place where you are in an uncontested market space, making the competition irrelevant.

 Well you might be thinking that I might be out of my mind, but here are some examples which would trigger you to think of a blue ocean strategy. It’s high time for our industries to start pursuing the loyal/non – loyal customers but now they need to look at the customers who are still untouched.

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 Some examples to trigger thoughts:—Example-1&id=1031603

Just a few thoughts which I am trying to catch up being held up from months.